Our Story

Farm 2 Home Catering was established in early 2020. Our idea is to change up traditional catering services, to include local ingredients, and to support our community by partnering with other local businesses for all our food and product needs. We look at catering differently. We look at all the catering or party platters that big chain restaurants sell. What we see time and time again is food that is meant to be eaten at the restaurant, packed into plastic boxes and left to steam and get cold and soggy until anyone gets the chance to eat it. We tried to figure out a way to provide really good food that was actually engineered to travel, to taste as good now as it does four hours from now.

With the experience of 30 years in the restaurant, hotel, and catering business, we wanted to start a drop off food service that simply served great food. And supporting our local community by buying local is something we are just passionate about. For our initial menu we decided to keep things simple. We offer 10-12 sandwiches that are all made on local bread or that can be made on different wraps and mixed and matched. And we offer a variety of green, pasta, and vegetable salads. We also offer a seasonal fruit salad and homemade chicken noodle soup as well as a delicious, completely vegan chili. All of our catered menu, besides the soup and chili, is served cold. Of all the tests we performed, the easiest way for the food to be good cold to room temperature is for it to be designed to be eaten that way. And all of our sandwiches are individually wrapped in waxed butcher paper which keeps them fresh and sanitary.

For the time being, we will not take orders for more than 30 people and we will require 48 hours advance notice with confirmation on any order.

There is quite a bit of room to grow this business, and as it evolves we will take on larger venues, provide hot sandwiches and hot buffet items, and truly listen to our customers suggestions and desires.

For the current menu, the idea is to choose 3 to 4 sandwiches that can be served whole or in half and they can be modified and they can be made into a wrap at your request. The sandwiches will be priced per person and variety for each order. The salads can be ordered individually and customized for size if need be. There will also be a per person price for a full lunch service which would include the sandwiches, 2 salads and a fruit salad or dessert.

Keep an eye out in our newsletter section for updates and changes. We will soon be providing packages for cocktail parties where we will provide hot dips, charcuterie, local cheeses, and our sandwiches served on local mini-sliders.